Spotlight On

Halloween Festival




By Edward Crosby Wells

Directed By: Frank Calo

Production Company: Spotlight On Productions

Comedy: 90mins

Theatre A: Fri. 10/25 7p; Sat. 10/26 5p; Sun. 10/27 9p; Mon. 10/28 8:30p; Sat. 11/2 9p; Sun. 11/3 5p

Diva, Lillian, and Tink (three men in drag) are having a yard sale to raise funds for a Faberge egg in which to place the ashes of Diva's dead husband. Diva bosses Lillian, whose principal expertise is making punch with ingredients that could fuel a rocket. Tink is confined to a wheelchair, mostly comatose, but when she does try to make herself heard, the others invariably misunderstand, causing dire consequences. The miscommunications of this misfit trio cause a friend to be run over by a pickup truck while trying to cross the street with her walker. We meet an entire neighborhood of characters through the eyes of the "ladies" during the course of their yard sale, including Diva's mother who has the yard wired with eavesdropping devices and is listening in from her room in a nursing home across the street. Finally, in an explosive climax, the day's shenanigans result in a police shootout when someone plays with a starter pistol filled with blanks. This is a raucous, raunchy, pee-in your-pants, more than a laugh-a-minute play.

". . .a trashy delight . . .Diva and Lillian hark straight back to Jackie Gleason and Art Carney . . .and finally, a la South Park, results in a police shootout when someone plays with a cap gun, a satisfying result for a laff-a-minute, harebrained play. It takes place on a suburban planet of its own." OOBR



By Elias Stimac

Director: Jed Silverstein

Production Company: Loan Star Productions

Drama: 80mins

Theatre A: Sat. 10/19 3p; Sun. 10/20 7p; Mon. 10/21 9p; Wed. 10/22 9p; Thurs. 10/24 5p; Wed. 10/30 7p; Thurs 10/31 3p


A bartender and several patrons receive surprising visits by people from their past in this magical "ghost" story about coming to terms. When a dusty bottle of champagne is opened at closing time, everyone who drinks from it is suddenly face to face with someone they never expected to see, communication, confrontation and closure.



By: Edward Crosby Wells

Directed By: Frank Calo

Production Company: Spotlight On Productions

Mystery/Comedy: 90mins

Theatre A: Sun. 10/27 1p; Tues. 10/29 8:30p; Wed. 10/30 9p; Sat. 11/2 1p

CURSE OF THE SNAKE WOMAN takes a wildly comedic look at the film noir of the 1940s. Baroness Von Cobra is the epitome of the "dragon lady" of that particular genre. From her mansion high atop the Hollywood Hills she runs a spy operation and reports directly to Berlin. She is assisted by Otto Python, her ever-faithful servant; and by Frau Schnapps, her deviously clever housekeeper. There is a secret weapon that the Third Reich is anxious to get its hands on but all attempts are foiled by Dick Palmer, the cool secret agent for the Allied Secret Submarine Service (ASSS) and his girlfriend, Velma Lombard the Woolworth's saleslady and wannabe movie star. Playwright Edward Crosby Wells creates a camp and risque? evening of fun and laughter in this dazzling, fast-paced homage to the outrageous genius of Mel Brooks.



By The Peyari Dance Project

Director: Jen MacQueen

Production Company: The Peyari Dance Project

Dance Concert: Approx. 90mins

Theatre A: Mon. 10/21 7p; Tues. 10/22 8p; Sat. 10/26 9p; Wed. 10/30 5p; Thurs. 10/31 5p; Sat. 11/2 3p; Sun. 11/3 7p


Fear Of… is a new full-length performance by The PEYARI DANCE PROJECT, a contemporary dance company here in the New York area entering their second year of existence. Consisting of roughly 20 professional dancers and directed by choreographer Jen MacQueen, the group is known for their athletic, sometimes acrobatic and occasionally witty moves. They are said to "possess the ability to make even people who hate dance concerts enjoy themselves."

Fear Of… is a collection of 13 separate dance works revolving around the idea of fear and its causes. Each piece is named for the fear it is based upon: Crowds, Loud Noise, Failure, Creatures, Being Alone, Christopher Walken, and many more. Choreographed by 10 members of the Peyari Dance Project, the show (and the company, for that matter) is collaborative in nature, and there is a wide variety of dance styles and music…from contemporary ballet and modern to rhythm tap, from Bobby McFerrin and YoYo Ma to the Muppets.

Fear Of… is a fun, light-hearted look at the causes of fears and phobias. With dance pieces ranging from the serious to the comedic to the "whacked-out", a good time will be had by all.




Theatre A: Fri 10/25 5p; Sat. 10/26 3p; Sun. 10/27 7p; Mon. 10/28 6:30; Fri. 11/1 5p; Sat. 11/2 7p; Sun. 11/3 1p

La Fenix is a scalding drama about the seventeenth century Mexican nun, Sor Juana de la Cruz. Although revered in Latin America as a great Baroque poet and proto-feminist, Sor Juana is virtually unknown in North America, victim of the cultural divide that splits the American continent at the Rio Grande. La Fenix asks two very relevant questions: Who decides what a human being is permitted to think? Who or what determines the nature of the soul’s journey? For a play with no overt sexuality, La Fenix is charged with white hot passion. Father Antonio’s vigorous flagellation and the weird sensuality of the Hermetic ritual devised by Sor Juana and Maria Luisa are stunning, electrifying events.



By Edgar Allan Poe

Adapted by: Richard Bishoff

New Material: Richard Bishoff

Directed By: Ricardo Cordero

Drama/thriller: 90mins

Theatre A: Fri. 10/18 8p; Sat. 10/19 9p; Sun. 10/20 3p; Fri. 10/25 9p; Sat. 10/26 7p; Sun. 10/27 3p; Thurs. 10/31 9p; Fri. 11/1 9p; Sun. 11/3 3p

"The Tell-Tale Heart" is a one-man show based on the classic story by Edgar Allan Poe. Acclaimed actor Ricardo Cordero will take viewers on a bone-chilling journey through one man's nerve-wracking descent into madness, in this intense new interpretation. Also on the bill is "After Poe," which offers a look at the jealousy and bitterness that can fester backstage at a Broadway play, with harrowing consequences. Ricardo Cordero and Elias Stimac star in this original drama-comedy.



By Andrew Rothkin

Director: TBA

Production Company: White Rabbit Theatre

Black Comedy: 75mins.

Theatre A: Sat. 10/19 7p; Sun. 10/20 5p; Tues. 10/22 6p; Wed. 10/23 7p; Fri. 11/1 3p; Sat. 11/2 9p


Melissa is having a really lousy day. She had been planning this event for weeks…obsessing over it… expecting it to be bigger and better than her birthday and Halloween combined. All she wanted was to stay the class pet, to keep Mrs. Beckman for herself. Who does Betsy think she is, anyway? With that know-it-all attitude, who raises her hand and gives answers when Mrs. Beckman never even asked a question? The final straw was when Melissa entered the classroom to find Betsy and Mrs. Beckman talking about her. What else could a 4th grader do but to find some way to kill that annoying kiss-ass? And how was she going to do it? Poison? Pushing her down the stairs? In the garage, beneath piles of clothes and an assortment of her real parents’ things, lies something very special of daddy’s; it’s not very sharp, but if she whacks real hard, it’s sure to do the trick.

Melissa is an outrageous, fascinating little girl with very strong points of view and an astounding inner life. Be shocked by her. Be amused by her. Just don’t get on her bad side.


By Hector Lugo-Walker

Director: Steven Thornburg

Production Company: Spotlight On Productions

Comedy: 1hr 40mins


Theatre A: Sat. 10/19 5p; Sun. 10/20 9p; Wed. 10/23 5p; Thurs. 10/24 7p; Sun. 10/27 5p; Tues. 10/29 6:30; Thurs. 10/31 7p; Fri. 11/1 7p


The play is an updated adaptation of William Shakespeare’s "MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM". The setting is today in New York City’s Central Park during a super model photo shoot for "Fairyland Models Inc."

Magic, love spells, and an enchanted Central Park in modern day New York City, provide the setting for this delightful new comedy inspired by William Shakespeare’s "Midsummer Night’s Dream". When two egotistical supermodels, one narcissistic photographer and his pretty but dotting assistant take to the park, on a photo shoot, their lives become entangled in a feud between Oberon and Tatania both owners of "Fairyland Models Inc." A group of actors rehearsing a play for an "Off-Off Broadway Halloween Theatre Festival" unintentionally meet with a mischievous Fairy they all add to the hilarity. The result is a marvelous modern day mix-up of desire and merriment of absolutely fabulous proportions.




By J.C. Svec

Director: J.C. Svec

Production Company: Tribe Productions

Thriller: 90 mins

Theatre L: Thurs. 10/17 8p; Fri. 10/18 5p; Sat. 10/26 9p; Mon. 10/28 8p; Fri. 11/1 7p; Sun. 11/3 3p

On Halloween night, when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, Carly, Morri and Deara enter the room of an abandoned building to satisfy what they believe is part of a sorority pledge. Unknown to the predestined trio is the fact they may be fulfilling a lifetime service greater than anything they could have ever imagined. Further confusing the girls is the "uncovering" of a mysterious and mystical young woman who guides each through portals to her past, present and questionable future.



By Ken Scudder & others

Director: Ken Scudder

Production Company: The Mistake Productions

Comedy: 60mins


Theatre L: Tues. 10/22 9p; Wed. 10/23 9p; Fri. 10/25 5:30; Sat. 10/26 3p; Wed. 10/30 9p; Thurs. 10/31 9p

A series of sketches, written and performed by the company, which will feature horror and Halloween themes.



By Renée Flemings

Director: Renée Flemings

Production Company: Renée Flemings Productions

Comic/Sci-Fi: 50mins

Theatre L: Fri. 10/18 7p; Sun. 10/19 3p; Sat. 10/26 4:30; Sun. 10/27 7p; Thurs. 10/31 3p; Sat. 11/2 5p

Carla Green is an average Black woman, with an above average problem. There’s this guy who has tattoos all over him. He seems to be following her around and begging for spare change but wanting something more. Then there’s the coyote that keeps howling, driving her crazy and then the two dizzy white chicks from Arkansas that keep popping up whenever she gets freaked out. But the thing that’s bugging Carla more than anything is that lately, she’s known when something bad is going to happen to someone, absolute strangers…she sees it before it happens. She doesn’t like it…and doesn’t understand why she’s suddenly able to do this. With Karen Kitz, Carole Mansley, Will Nolan, Renee Flemings, Kevin McKelvy, John Jay Buol, Tim Farley.



By Duncan Pflaster

Director: Duncan Pflaster

Production Company: Cross-Eyed Bear Productions

Sci-fi comedy: 90mins

Theatre: Wed. 10/23 7p; Thurs. 10/24 9p; Fri. 10/25 7p; Sun. 10/27 1p; Tues. 10/29 8p; Fri. 11/1 9p


Marina, a lesbian, is hired to teach newly hatched clones to read and write, so they might give consent to be harvested for their organs. Her male boss falls in love with her, as her lover Wendy and her vegan friends question her morals.

She grows to love the clones, and attempts to keep them from being killed.



By Andreś J. Wrath

Director: Mark Weitz

Production Company: 2B Theatre Company/Purple Man Theater Company

Fantasy/comedy: 90mins

Theatre L: Sun 10/20 8:30p; Mon. 10/21 7p; Sun 10/27 3p; Mon. 10/28 6p; Sat. 11/2 7p; Sun. 11/3 1p

Six short one act plays connected with the same characters involve fairy and human interaction. In the first play, Fairy Land, a father tells his daughter the story of the fairy kingdom. She is unaware that it is a true story and Dad is indeed a fairy. In the second, "The Rose, Fairies and Rebuilding Sandcastles", Carla Black wants to wreck vengeance on her childhood friend Cynthia White, when Cynthia once again abandons her for a man. Well, Carla’s fairy godmother (a man in drag) saves the day and sets wrong right. In the third, "What Price, Fairy?" The fairy godmother in play two, Anaconda, switches her fairy powers for Carla’s mortality so she can get to A.A. Play Four, "Fairy Ballet" mother of all the fairies Empyrenia gets married for political reasons and all hell breaks loose. In play Five, "Deconstructing Fairy Land" Willet is captured by a monster and his lover Jared, has to find him. In this fairy tale nothing is what it seems. In play Six, "Fairy, Why Art Thou So Crickety?" Cynthia at age 89 looks for Carla and finds immortality in the fairy kingdom.



Dir.: Brian Saxe

Musical Director: Martin St. Lawrence

Production Company: Spotlight On Productions

Musical Review: 90mins

Theatre L: Sat. 10/19 9p, Sun. 10/20 6:30p; Sat. 10/26 6p; Sun. 10/27 8:30p; Fri. 11/1 5p; Sun 11/3 7p

The Grove Street Wannabees in Eden Bewitched a story of a modern day Adam and Eve and they're fall from grace along the road of life. Lured out of their paradise by a Mr Satan, they are drawn into a Sodom and Gomorrah-like world where they fall prey to the temptations offered by Mr Greed, Miss Covet, Mr Pride and other such characters. They eventually come to realize their folly with the help of Miss Angel and seek to find their Eden once again. Will they succeed? Come see what happens to them and the others.



By: Terence Rattigan

Director: Ken Bachtold

Production Company: A Company of Players

Theatre L: Sat 10/19 7p; Sun. 10/20 4:30p; Fri 10/25 9p; Sat. 10/26 1p; Thurs. 10/31 5p; Sat. 11/2 3p; Sun. 11/3 5p

In this laugh-a-minute romp, the Gotsfords, an exceedingly single minded acting couple (the "Theatre" seems their only reality) are engaged in a last minute run-through of a production of Romeo & Juliet before opening night, which will begin a tour of the provinces for charity. Of course, they are both just "a bit too mature" to play the leads and every conceivable thing seems to be going wrong, when a young woman with a husband and a baby in tow, wanders on stage and announces that she is Mr. Gotsford’s daughter. It turns out she is! And, apparently, he has inadvertently committed bigamy! Will he go to jail? Will Mrs. Gotsford (or is she?) accompany him, as she insists she must "or die"? And then a policeman arrives? Will the opening take place? Will "The Show Must Go On" prevail? Do come and find out!



Directed by: Jimmy Hoffman & Teresa Fischer

Musical: 75mins

Theatre L: Fri. 10/18 9p; Sat. 10/19 5p; Wed. 10/23 5p; Thurs. 10/24 7p; Sun. 10/27 5p; Tues. 10/29 6p

When they begin the beguine that old black magic weaves its spell through songs and memories under that old devil moon. Join Jimmy Hoffman and a cast of talented singers as they take you down memory lane. Set in a cabaret bar and featuring songs from the 30’s, 40’s & 50’s, Old Devil Moon will enchant you. So join us for a sentimental journey where the musical ghosts of love and war prove that it’s only a paper moon during autumn in New York.


By Howard Koch and Orson Welles

Director: Jay Michaels

Production Company: Genesis Repertory Ensemble, Inc.

Drama: 75mins

Theatre L: Tues. 10/22 7p; Thurs. 10/24 5p; Sat. 10/26 7p; Wed. 10/30 7p; Thurs. 10/31 7p; Sat. 11/1 9p


The night before Halloween 1938, Orson Welles and The Mercury Theatre On The Air hypnotized the listening public and their neighbors into believing New York was under siege by war machines from the red planet, Mars.

Quite possibly the most historic moment designed for radio, The War of the Worlds terrified the nation to mass hysteria. But the circumstances behind the broadcast are as fascinating as the broadcast itself.

- How did Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy’s broadcast on a rival station contribute to the scandal?

- Orson Welles claims to have been as shocked as America over the misconception…or was he?

- What prompted the popular Mercury Theatre on the air to employ a brand new writer named Howard Koch to work on the project?

- What did H.G. Wells have to say about it?

Genesis Repertory offers more than just a reenactment. Done in radio drama style with sound effects and period costumes, Genesis will present the radio broadcast in its entirety mixed with accounts of what happened behind the scenes and around the nation. Press excerpts, comments by H.G. Wells, and "eyewitness reports" will make this version of War of the Worlds as thrilling as Orson Welles’ version of 1938.




By Jonathan Calindas

Director: Mario Corrales

Production Company: Cuchipinoy Theatre Company

Full Length drama: 90mins

Theatre M: Sat. 10/19 4p; Wed. 10/23 5p; Thurs. 10/24 7p; Sun. 10/27 5p; Tues. 10/29 6:30; Fri. 11/1 9p; Sat. 11/2 5p

The 4am 'lizbeth - A tribute to the Elizabeth, New Jersey, the author's hometown. Three lifelong friends come of age hanging out on an abandoned railroad track supposedly haunted by the ghost train 'The 4am 'lizbeth'. A play about the common man's hopes and dreams in small city America, Jerry, Jay, and Eddie come to terms with the breaks life has given them.



By Emily Steel

Director: Justin-Michael Youron & Emily Steel

Production Company: Physicke

Drama: Approx. 1hr.

Theatre M: Sat. 10/19 2:30p; Sun. 10/20 6:30p; Thurs. 10/24 5:30p; Sat. 10/26 11:30am; Thurs. 10/31 7p; Fri. 11/1 4p


Love in a Bed of Roses, Boy Meets Girl, Little Play About Sex and Death:

Three little love stories, complete with misery, confusion and untimely demise.

Writing so new the ink’s not dry, performed by a hastily assembled troupe of reprobates. Catch them while they’re cheap.



By Marjorie Conn from stories by Henry Slesar

Director: John Russo

Production Company: Marjorie Conn Productions

Theatre M: Fri. 10/18 7p; Sat. 10/19 9:30p; Mon. 10/21 7p; Sun. 10/27 7p; Thurs. 10/31 10p; Sun. 11/3 2:30p


Slesar wrote at least 40 stories that appeared on the original Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955-1965). He also wrote scripts for other TV shows including Twilight Zone, Man From U.N.C.L.E, Batman and Edge of Night.

- His writing became known for its clean prose, surprise endings and ironic twists. Slesar was born in 1927. He attended the New York School of Industrial Art. By 1955, he was a full-time advertising writer but moonlighted as a short story writer. He went on to write more than five hundred short stories, many of them in the thriller genre appearing in a wide variety of magazines, such as Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Reader’s Digest, Ellery Queen’s, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine & others.

- Slesar is quoted as saying, "I am a voracious reader, averaging a book or two a week. If pushed to the wall, I guess I’d say my ‘favorite’ author is Charles Dickens. As a very young reader, I started gobbling up all of Sabatini, much Mark Twain, O. Henry and P.G. Wodehouse (who later became a friend). That list is now three feet long. I read for pleasure not enlightenment or professional interest."

- Slesar is currently a full-time freelance writer. He has a number of short story anthologies. In addition to his teleplays and short stories, he has also written screenplays, novels, stage plays and game and crime puzzles under his own name and under pseudonyms. O.H Leslie and Sley Harson.

- As a fan of the macabre, Conn wrote to Slesar in November of 2000 and asked permission to use some if his short stories. He wrote back saying "I would be most pleased to have you adapt my fiction to the stage." Conn adapted 4 of Slesar’s stories ranging from the chilling to the hysterically funny.



By Lanie Robertson

Director: George Adams

Production Company: Spotlight On Productions

Drama: 50mins

Theatre M: Sat. 10/19 8p; Sun. 10/20 3p; Sat 10/26 6p; Sun. 10/27 8:30p; Wed. 10/30 5:30p; Sun. 11/3 6p


Based on a true story, this haunting, highly theatrical piece takes place in 1790. Mary Girard gets committed to an asylum after becoming pregnant for a man other than her husband. He has paid to have her put away and declared legally insane. Throughout the play, Mary is taunted by "furies" other patients in the asylum, as she is often forced to sit in a "tranquilizing chair." The "furies" dance around her and act out various people from her past in her present life. In the end, have we witnessed a truly sane person in the asylum who is mocked and jeered by the patients or has Mary truly gone insane and we’ve witnessed what’s gone on in her mind?



By LuLu LoLo

Director: LuLu LoLo

Production Company: LuLu LoLo Productions

Comedy/Drama: 55mins

Theatre M: Wed. 10/23 7p; Thurs. 10/24 9p; Fri. 10/25 7p; Sat. 10/26 3p;Tues. 10/29 8:30p; Sun. 11/3 1p

This is a one-woman show, written and performed by LuLu LoLo. Recapturing the love, laughter, and tears of her Italian-American childhood in East Harlem’s Little Italy. LuLu LoLo portrays her Italian-American family life – with such vignettes as making macaroni with Grandma LuLu, and Great Aunt Lena warding off the Evil Eye (Mal Occhio). The seven fishes Christmas Eve dinner, and the dreaded cupping and leech cure for illness. A family wedding, and the mystery and awe of her grandmother’s bedroom shrine. The excitement and devotion of the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel all the traditions that encompassed growing up Italian-American.

Without intermission-with inventive costume changes and songs-in a virtuoso performance LuLu LoLo creates a non-stop parade of family characters which takes the audience back to the tenement life of her Italian immigrant grandparents.



By Marjorie Conn

Director: Marjorie Conn

Production Company: Marjorie Conn Productions

Drama/Comedy: 75mins

Theatre M: Fri. 10/25 5p; Sat. 10/26 9p; Wed. 10/30 9p; Thurs. 10/31 8:30p; Sat. 11/2 8:30p; Sun. 11/3 4p


The audience is invited to Lizzie’s party that she holds annually on the anniversary of the murders of her father and stepmother.

These are the facts. On August 4th, 1892, Andrew Jackson Borden and his wife, Abby, were cruelly axed to death in their home in Fall River, MA. Lizzie Borden was accused and acquitted of the murders but she spent 10 months in jail awaiting her trial by jury. After her acquittal, Lizzie stayed in Fall River. She and her sister, Emma, inherited almost a million dollars.

During this 70 minute drama, Lizzie reveals the family secrets that might have contributed to the brutal ax murders including her father’s penny-pinching habits, her sister Emma’s death-bed promise to their real mother, a house with no hallways and bedrooms opening into each other and lots more. Lizzie also talks freely about her love affair with one of the great Shakespearean actresses of the time, Nance O’Neil, and of her great love for animals.



By: Alan Kanevsky

Dir.: TBD

Production Company: Spotlight On Productions

Horror/Comedy: 60mins

Theatre M: Sat. 10/19 1p; Tues. 10/22 9p; Sat. 10/26 7:30p; Thurs. 10/31 3:30p; Sat. 11/2 11:30am

"I was born an original sinner, I was born from original sin."

What happens when you bite the neck that feeds you? What blood type are you? Are those simply love bites from your lover or is there more to it? These questions and more will be answered in this tale of the undead, where our anti-hero has committed "Original Sin."



By Richard Morell

Director: TBA

Production Company: Wholly Terror Theatre Company

Comedy: 75mins

Theatre M: Sun. 10/20 4:30p; Mon. 10/21 8:30p; Fri. 10/25 8:30p; Sat. 10/26 1p; Thurs. 10/31 5p; Sat. 11/2 3p

A comedy about how our relationships are fated. The Rites of Arbola follows Gordon, a white boy upset that his Chicano boyfriend Henry dumped him. He can’t live without his humpy novio, so he sleeps with Henry’s cousin and stages a fake alcoholic relapse. Henry comes over to Gordon’s tiny apartment to confront him, and they discover they still have feelings for one another. Confused, Henry decides to go to visit his artist-shaman mother, to work some of her mestizo magic. A real human story set against a background of mysticism, ritual and destiny.



By Daniel Haben Clark

Director: Daniel Haben Clark

Production Company: Loop LTD

Comedy drama: 75mins

Theatre M: Thurs. 10/17 9p; Sat. 10/19 6p; Sun. 10/27 1p; Mon. 10/28 8:30p; Fri. 11/1 7p; Sat. 11/2 1p

Haspel, the size queen, is an aging gay man. A symphonic composer with a serious block, he is terrified that he has AIDS and convinced he caught it from Tiny Tim, a male prostitute who is somewhat under qualified for his profession. 4 ghosts from his past, visit Haspel. They guide him back to the piano. He finishes his symphony, has a spiritual awakening, forgives Tim and offers him a home. He is rewarded by good news. Scrooge on 53rd and 3rd.



By Steven Gianturco

Directed by: Steven Gianturco

Comedy: 80mins


Theatre M: Tues. 10/22 7p; Wed. 10/23 8:30; Sat. 10/26 4:30p; Tues 10/29 4:30p; Wed. 10/30 7p; Sun. 11/3 7:30p

Frank is a frustrated vampire. He can't do the only thing vampires are supposed to do. Frank doesn't suck. His victims keep running away before he can finish the job, leaving him hungry, grouchy and depressed. Frank's dysfunction is causing him constant stress and concern about his role as a scary blood-sucking creature of the night. So, what does this surreal character do to cure his ills? He seeks help from the real world. Frank finds Dr. Gloob, a psychiatrist who specializes in the bizarre. Meanwhile, nobody in town feels threatened that a vampire is on the loose. A very attractive lady has informed an indifferent policeman who seems to be more concerned about the recent rise in door knockings by Jehoviah's witnesses. Act Two opens with a glimpse of the supposedly "cured" frank in the distant future with his wife for eternity. Frank is going through mid-life, make that mid-death crisis. The audience is taken along for the ride, wondering if Frank will get the help he needs? Find happiness? And most importantly, will he ever SUCK?



By Rodney E. Reyes

Director: Rodney E. Reyes

Production Company: Rodney E. Reyes Productions

Drama: 75mins

Theatre M: Thurs. 10/17 7p; Fri. 10/18 8:30p; Sun. 10/20 8p; Sun. 10/27 3p; Mon. 10/28 6:30p; Fri. 11/1 5:30p; Sat. 11/2 6:30p

This is a story about creators and their creations. Whether it is a fictional character and her author, different personalities vying for control a mother and daughter or just a human being and his god. Underneath it although, the story is about love and lost. A story about regrets and risks not taken and ultimately one last chance to say everything you wanted to your creator or your creation. The story takes place outside our reality in a place where there are only two chairs for the creation and creator and a spotlight on both of them. Their time is limited and it must be utilized with the characters involved, some of them will receive closure, some won’t. Some of the characters will receive pain and some will receive love. All of them though will not leave unscathed and unchanged and ultimately all will know who they truly are.



By: Kevin Brofsky

Production Company: New Village Productions

Drama: 120mins

Theatre A: Sun. 10/20 12:15

Spotlight On is proud to present a reading of the expanded Version of Awaken The Wolves, ominated for TEN 2002 Spotlight On/ Sage Theatre Awards including Best Full Length Play, Best Written Play and Best Actor.

A 17-year-old boy lit the fuse that sparked the holocaust -- and then the world forgot. This compelling new drama by award-winning Playwright Kevin Brofsky brings to life the gripping tale of Herschel Grynszpan. WHAT DRIVES A YOUNG BOY TO COMMIT MURDER? Was he Terrorist or Victim? Persecutor or Persecuted? Justice Seeker or Vigilante? Outraged by the

exile of his family and all non-native German Jews to a hell-hole existence on the German/Polish border, Herschel vows revenge from his new home in Paris.

With a child's belief in the happy endings found in American movies, the teenage refugee hatches a plot. The Plan - Kill the German ambassador. Based on a newly-raised consciousness, the world rises up and destroys the bad guys. Applauded for his courageous act, the young hero finally achieves justice. ONLY - IT DIDN'T QUITE TURN OUT THAT WAY. OR DID IT?

What really happened to Herschel Grynszpan? AWAKEN THE WOLVES explores the complexities of human emotions as they collide with a world gone mad. This is not a play about Nazis. This is a play about the human condition as it continues to reveal itself in our current incarnation. The more things change, the more they stay the same.



By: Kevin Brofsky

Comedy/drama: 90mins

Theatre L: Sat. 11/2 12:15

Claymont is a coming of age comedy/drama which deals with teenager, Neil Greenglass, who, at the height of the Vietnam war, falls hopelessly in lust and love with a war protestor, Dallas Hitchens, expelled from college and is forced to rent a room in the Greenglass home. Neil is a budding sculpture who enters a large exhibit in the local high school's art show in the hopes of winning a scholarship. Neil's other hope is to catch a glimpse of Dallas naked. Dallas, not completely oblivious to Neil's puppy love, finds time to tutor Neil on his art, love and life even though his own life is falling apart with the draft board on his tale. What normal 17-year-old wouldn't fall in love?



By Alan Kanevsky

Directed by: Alan Kanevsky

Production Company: Spotlight On Productions

Drama: 60mins

Theatre M: Sun. 10/27 10p

In the glaring light of 9/11 and the unrest that permeates the real world, The KNIFE ASSASSIN wants to warn you about how people become victims and teach you the means to avoid it. Can you become the intended target of a kidnapping, political abduction or outright assassination simply by not heeding the signposts up ahead. Maybe you'll be drawn to this get-together by nefarious forces unseen. Are you the Knife Assassin's next intended or will you simply bear witness to his next killing? Or maybe his teachings are benign. Perhaps his warnings should be noted, as they come from a cutting edge expert in the field. Avoid the unkindest cut of all and attend The Knife Assassin - You've been forewarned!



Theatre A: Sat. 11/2 5p

From the age of 7, Ed Tabbitas has been able to communicate with the spiritual realm and to connect loved ones who have passed over with their survivors here on earth. Mr. Tabbitas is close to signing a deal for his own upcoming television series. Mr. Tabbitas will read as many audience members as possible in the 90 minute period. A one night only special event.

Some quotes heard by audience members at Spotlight On readings:

"He described my room perfectly, not to mention the relationship of my friend that I lost - he is amazing"

"His grief counseling is often helpful and precise"

"I witnessed the most amazing reading - he spoke with this woman about her parents and described how they were murdered without the woman ever having said anything about them - she was floored"

Reserve early. This evening will go fast. $20 (wine reception afterwards)



By Marc Castle

Directed by Steven McElroy

Drama: 120 mins

Reading – Theatre L: Sunday 11/3 10:30 am

A group of gay friends in New York during the first days of AIDS deal with the onslaught of a new disease and a new set of fears. The play looks at the first days of AIDS as a backdrop, but resonates greatly in the present as well as we see the characters over the course of more than a decade. Most importantly, Friends and Relations focuses mainly on the basic humanity of the characters as they search for love and fulfillment in a world that feels increasingly lonely.