The 2003 Halloween Festival            

Shows at 125 42nd St. Shows at 135 42nd St.


By J.C. Svec 
Directed by J.C. Svec 
One-act comedy 
Five women. They’re young, attractive, marketing geniuses and they comprise the Council for the Achievement of Successful Holidays (C.A.S.H). They meet once a year to exchange strategies, share ideas, celebrate good fortunes and support each other in executing the age old holiday traditions of materialism, commercialism, capitalism and greed. Five women who for decades worked together, manipulating a deceived public and who coexisted in Madison Avenue bliss … until tonight

Thursday 10/16 - 7p Friday 10/17 - 9p 
Saturday 10/18 - 9p 
Saturday 10/25 - 3p 
Sunday 10/26 - 1p 
Thursday 10/30 - 7p 
Sunday 11/2 - 3p 

Adapted by: Thomas Hoagland 
Directed by: Thomas Hoagland 
A Sunday afternoon drive to visit their mother’s grave sight turns into a ridiculous, blood covered sing along.  
The Dead have risen from their graves in search of human flesh… again. This classic Horror scenario has been “dug up” many times before, but this re-animation has been amplified with a shot of high voltage Rock and Roll. It’s Bloodier than Trick or Treat, It’s much sillier than open mike night, and it will have you standing in the isles singing along, all the while being offended by political and religious stereotypes. In short, it’s CAMP. You won’t know who to cheer for, the “Dead” or the “So-Called-Living”. WARNING: Those audience members with heart conditions and/or high moral standards WILL BE EATEN FIRST!!! 
Thursday 10/16 - 9p 
Friday 10/17 - 7p 
Friday 10/24 - 5p 
Saturday 10/25 - 7p 
Sunday 10/26 - 3p 
Thursday 10/30 - 11pm 
Friday 10/31 - 9p 
Saturday 11/1 - 9p 

By: Alan Bowne 
Directed by: Damon W. Arrington 
A powerful and fascinating excursion into the nightmare world of homosexual
prostitution. Set in the environs of 1981 on the streets and joints of 42nd street. An ambitious plan involving drugs, sex and money. As time races survival is a matter of day and night doubt.

"Simply dazzling, a sharply focused nether world of danger and surpassing
sadness." --Gannett Newspapers
Thursday 10/16 - 11p
Friday 10/17 - 5p 
Saturday 10/18- 3p 
Tuesday 10/21 - 7p 
Wednesday 10/22 - 7p 
Friday 10/24 - 3p 
Monday 10/27 - 9p 
Wednesday 10/29 - 5p 
Saturday 11/1 - 7p 
Sunday 11/2 - 9:30p 

Directed by James Micali 
Starring Lee Byar 
A one-act musical/comedy written loosely on the career of drag performer Lee Byar. "Myself And I" a one act musical/ comedy that follows an actor's journey from stag to drag.
Saturday 10/18 - 5p 
Sunday 10/19 - 5p 
Thursday 10/23 - 5p 
Saturday 10/25 - 11p 
Wednesday 10/29 - 7p 

The Tony Award-winning Glines presents
THOR'S DAY, by Edward Crosby Wells & directed by Steve Thornburg
Set on a stormy Thursday afternoon in a small town in New Mexico, critically acclaimed THOR'S DAY is the story of Philip, a middle-aged insurance salesman, who brings home a sexy young man for an afternooon tryst. Their encounter is fraught with pleasure and danger as the clock ticks down to an explosive and unexpected climax. Perhaps possessed with supernatural powers, Buck takes Philip on a breathtaking, life-altering journey into the unexplored territory of his long-suppressed and hidden desires.
Saturday 10/18 - 7p 
Sunday 10/19 - 7p 
Monday 10/20 - 5p 
Thursday 10/23 - 7p 
Friday 10/24 - 11pm 
Tuesday 10/28 - 7p 
Wednesday 10/29 - 9p 
Friday 10/31 - 5p 
Saturday 11/1 - 3p 

By Edward Valentine 
Directed by: Edward Valentine 
Cub Scouts menaced by a pebble-spitting Snipe... Slackers meet their doom on the Day of the Comet... And boys and girls try to be good, but they're punished anyway. It's Ed Valentine's Monster in the Closet - three grisly but comic plays with their share of Short, Sharp Shocks. 
Sunday 10/19 - 1p 
Monday 10/20 - 9p 
Tuesday 10/21 - 5p 
Tuesday 10/28 - 9p 
Thursday 10/30 - 5:30p 
Friday 10/31 - 7p 

Directed by Andrew Rothkin. 
Presented by:  White Rabbit Theatre
Someone is watching your every move. Someone knows your every secret. And if you knew what Someone was planning, you might just go insane. But then again, aren't we all just a wee bit Psycho? Three irreverent one-act plays delve into the minds of madmen: "Smarty Spice and Serial Killer" and "Psychodrama" by Lisa Voss, and "You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby" by Tony Sokol. 
Sunday 10/19 - 9p 
Monday 10/20 - 7p 
Wednesday 10/22 - 5p 
Saturday 10/25 - 11am 
Sunday 10/26 - 5p 
Friday 10/31 - 3p 

By Daniel Haben Clark 
Directed by Daniel Haben Clark 
While Hollywood-style happy endings are not to be found in the black comedy Chalk It Up, there are lotsa laughs learning to get along in life - some of life's most important lessons are not learned in school! 
Thursday 10/23 - 9p 
Saturday 10/25 - 12:30p 
Sunday 10/26 - 9p 
Monday 10/27 - 4:30p 
Saturday 11/1 - 12:30p 
Sunday 11/2 - 7p 

By: Shahan Stepanian 
Directed by: Jesse Sneddon 
Shove is a story of a young couple whose desperation in debt compels them to try to sell their baby on the black market, and in turn destroys their relationship.

In an attempt to save his mother's life, Roger borrows money from a loan shark to pay the medical expenses. When she dies, he and his girlfriend, Natty, are saddled with a $25,000 debt, which they can't even make a dent in. Running out of options, Roger starts making arrangements to sell the baby they're expecting on the black market. With the deadline nearing, Roger pushes both himself and Natty harder and farther to the breaking point. Eventually, the damage is too great for even their love to heal. 
Friday 10/24 - 7p 
Saturday 10/25 - 5p 
Sunday 10/26 - 7p 
Thursday 10/30 - 9p 
Saturday 11/1 - 5p 
Sunday 11/2 - 5p 

By: Steven Gianturco 
Directed by: Steven Gianturco 
A dysfunctional vampire, unable to succeed as a blood-sucking creature of the night, seeks the help of a wacky psychiatrist. 
 FINALLY, a musical comedy about a vampire that DOESN’T SUCK. Friday 10/24 - 9p 
Saturday 10/25 - 9p 
Monday 10/27 - 7p 
Tuesday 10/28 - 5p 
Friday 10/31 - 11p  

A psycho drama by Cinti Laird

An assault on roommate Millie forces Evelyn Epps to confront unresolved issues of her life as a sexually abused child. Millie is unable to cope with her misfortune. Evelyn, affected by Millies' situation, goes off the deep end taking horrific revenge on random victims. One of the three roommates, Sonja Rivera holds her ground. Award winning actress Anita Durst alternates the role of Evelyn Epps with Gloria Rosen, Kat Jameson and Amy Groeschel share Millie with Monica Bailey and Yvonne Lin playing Sonja. The 9 actor play is double cast. Cinti Laird, author and director is an accomplished actress/singer/songwriter, host and creator of Cinti’s Comedy Pageant, author of the hard hitting drama EASY MONEY a/k/a THE BOTTOM produced at the Lambs Club and the musical presently in progress ONE GOOD MAN.  Cinti is an NYU Tisch School of Arts graduate.
Friday 10/17 - 11pm; 
Saturday 10/18 11pm; 
Sunday 10/26 11am;
Thursday 10/30 3pm; 
Sunday 11/2 - 11am; 
Sunday 11/2 1pm

Secrets Naked Dancers Tell
By Steven Thornburg
Directed by Frank Calo
Nine dancers mix interaction and choreography with personal monologues concerning their hopes, dreams, fears and fancies. The show boasts a gorgeous cast of hip and talented new-comers: J.C., Brendan Burke, Alexander Da Silva, Scott James, Milton Darnell, Jesse Janowsky and Terrence Precord, Clay Drinko, Anthony Fusco, and John Ventura. The adult content with gay, straight, and bisexual theme concerns the hopes, memories, and fears which most men never speak.
Saturday 11/1 - 11pm;

by Brien Somers
"Six-a boy on-a your own in shuch a big house. You need a woman taken-a care of you!" / The Care and Feeding of Fairies asks that age old question,"Can six gay men share a house in Brooklyn Heights without driving each other crazy?! "A character study of OUTRAGEOUS Proportions!" Audience Member (Author's best friend) /"A comedy worthy of Neil Simon hinself!" Ellen Vickers (Author's Mother) / "You'll laugh- You'll cry-- It's like an evening with Liza Minnelli" Micky "D" (Author's Lover) - 125 West 42nd St.
Saturday 10/18 - 1pm; Tuesday 10/21 - 9pm - $5




Directed by: Jay Michaels 
An adaptation of Thomas Kyd’s Spanish Tragedy.
Genesis Repertory salutes the Parisian theatre of horror, "L’ Theatre Du Grand Guignol" with a terrifying adaptation of Thomas Kyd’s play about a father’s revenge for the death of his son - and the assistance he receives from beyond the grave. Directed by Jay Michaels with special visual effects by Mary Elizabeth MiCari and Michael Fortunato.
Part I of "The Art of Horror: Renaissance Revenge to Screen Slashers" a media-arts series dedicated to the study of the revenge plays of the renaissance and their correlation to modern horror films. Part II will be an independent film optioned for 2004 and part III will be a book to be published in 2005.
[attached] Artwork credit: Michael Fortunato
Thursday 10/16- 7p Friday 10/17 - 5p 
Saturday 10/18 - 1p 
Monday 10/20 - 9p 
Tuesday 10/21 - 7p 
Saturday 10/25 - 7:30p 
Friday 10/31 - 9p 
Sunday 11/2 - 7p 

Written by and Directed by: Francesco Paladino and Laura Schmude 
Cutting edge performance art with short plays weaved in and out… This current performance brings multi-media images onto our screen as well as audio clips to “weave” our story together. It is a self-contained project with its custom crew and topics such as domestic abuse, corporate employment with a governmental “X-Files” twist, sexual harassment, personal war/self loathing, and free flowing performance art with a topical poetry slam Sci-Fi vibe. Thursday 10/16 - 9p 
Friday 10/17 - 7p 
Monday 10/20 - 5p 
Tuesday 10/21 - 9p 
Saturday 10/25 - 9:30p 
Sunday 10/26 - 3p 

By: Simona Berman (contributions by: Kate Searcy) 
Directed by: Vin Berardi 
With: Simona Berman, Kate Searcy, Verena Podack, Julia Reid and Sujana Chand
"Sex in the City meets Ally! Spreading open the secret worlds that fester inside a woman's mind and pitting petty contrivances against life's harsher realities, CRASHING is a tour de force of the feminine psyche. In this debut dramedy, accentuated with dance and song, three NYC women struggle with life, each other and ultimately, themselves. Join unlikely roommates Allison, Cassidy and Jean as they learn to negotiate the traffic jam of life, without CRASHING" 
Friday 10/17 - 9p 
Saturday 10/18 - 3:30p 
Tuesday 10/21 - 5p 
Wednesday 10/22 - 7p 
Sunday 10/26 - 5p 
Tuesday 10/28 - 9p 

By: Edward Einhorn 
Directed by: Glory Bowen 
Presented by:  FHB Theater Productions and Untitled Theater Company #61
Golem Stories, an award-winning interpretation of the Jewish legend of the golem, is being revived as part of Spotlight On’s Halloween Festival. Set in 16th century Prague, the play not only examines the legend of the golem (a man made from clay) but also other Jewish legends of the supernatural. It is both a ghost story and a love story, set in the domestic atmosphere of the Rabbi's home, while the world around is full of violence. 
Friday 10/17- 11p 
Saturday 10/18- 7:30p 
Sunday 10/19 - 7p 
Thursday 10/23 - 9p 
Friday 10/24 - 9:30p 
Sunday 10/26 - 1p 
Monday 10/27 - 4:30p 
Friday 10/31 - 3p 
Saturday 11/1 - 12p 
Sunday 11/2 - 2:30p 

By: Duncan Pflaster 
Directed by: Clara Barton Green 
Presented by:  Cross-Eyed Bear Productions
Berenice is dissatisfied with her life and looking for answers in cosmic mysticism. When she begins having out-of-body experiences at a cocktail party hosted by her husband’s Gay brother and his lover, she takes the opportunity to explore several parallel universes, encountering all of her friends in wildly different worlds and circumstances. Inventors, Boxers, Jews, Homos, Witches, Masochists, Nazis, Clowns: Who do you want to be today? Sunday 10/19 - 4:30 
Thursday 10/23 - 4:30p 
Friday 10/24 - 7p 
Saturday 10/25 - 5p 
Monday 10/27 - 7p 
Thursday 10/30 - 5p 
Sunday 11/2 - 12p 

Directed by Mario Corrales
Original stories translated by Maria Laguna
Adapted by Mario Corrales and Rodney E. Reyes
Presented by:  Cuchipinoy Productions
Take a trip to Central America in the late 1800s where superstition still ruled the land and vices where more prolific than virtue. Imagine a world unlike your own where morals were scarce and consequences paid a heavy toll. Travel back to a time where legends of the land still spread at night when the creatures of myth lived and died. This is a tale of LEYENDAS, of legends, from Central America. The folk stories of myth that perpetuated the minds of every child and parent, of every man and woman: The Crying Woman; The Father’s Treasure; The Wild Beast; and La Ceguna. Come experience good, evil, morals, judgments, warnings, and consequences like never before in legends from Central America that you’ve never heard. Leyendas…
Saturday 10/18 - 5:30p Sunday 10/19 - 9:30p 
Wednesday 10/22 - 9p 
Tuesday 10/28 - 4:30p 
Wednesday 10/29 - 7p 
Saturday 11/1 - 7p 
Sunday 11/2 - 5p 

By: Jason St. Sauver 
Directed by: Jason St. Sauver 
DRACULARAMA is a new multimedia theatre creation by Jason St. Sauver and Alternative Theatre Machine (ATM). Combining scraps and sections of text from Bram Stoker’s novel with clips from various film versions of the story, and melding fractions of fact and fiction from vampire lore from history to present day pop culture clichés, DRACULARAMA is neither a common “tale of the undead” nor an average “night out at the theatre” type play. With a cast of 10 actors, 5 cell phones, 3 laptops, 2 palm pilots, 1 hand held tape recorder and a huge video screen, DRACULARAMA is like a crazy music video to attack and attract you with sound, sight, fright and blissfully sleepless nights. Saturday 10/18- 10p 
Sunday 10/19- 2:30p 
Wednesday 10/22 - 5p 
Thursday 10/23 - 7p 
Thursday 10/30 - 9:30p 
Friday 10/31 - 5p 
Saturday 11/1 - 9p 

By Mick Muzio and Margo Lazaro 
Directed by: Michael Muzio 
Inspired by the plays of "The Grand Guignol," a theatre in Paris that specialized in tales of horror, the Doctor Bouvier play tells of two reporters who viist an insane asylum int he 1880s. They eventually find themselves trapped by the doctor they came to interview. They question the sanity of the doctor, but before the play concludes, their own sanity is brought into question as well as that of the audience.

Sunday 10/19 - 12:30p 
Monday 10/20 - 7p 
Saturday 10/25 - 3p 
Sunday 10/26 - 9p 
Wednesday 10/29 - 5p 
Friday 10/31 - 7p 

Starring Malcolm Gordon 
Musical Accompanist - Robert Rogers 
A light, bright, fun-filled evening of songs, poems, monologues from the streets, pubs and music halls of London 1860-1960. 
Friday 10/24 - 5p 
Saturday 10/25 - 1p 
Sunday 10/26 - 7p 
Thursday 10/30 - 7:30p 
Saturday 11/1 - 5p 



WAITING FOR LUGO - A Funny One Man Show With Other People
By: Hector Lugo 
Directed by: Allen Hidalgo 
Musical Direction by: Mark Erenstoft
WAITING FOR LUGO, A FUNNY ONE MAN SHOW WITH OTHER PEOPLE is exactly that. See what happens when the "Newyorican" star of a one man show goes missing in action and the show must go on as various denizens from his life and times step into the spotlight to perform in this funny, witty, intelligent and ultimately touching musical show. Following the one person show tradition of John Leguizamo and Whoopi Goldberg. 
Friday 10/24 - 11:30p 
Monday 10/27 - 9:30p 
Wednesday 10/29 - 9p 
Friday 10/31 - 11p 
Saturday 11/1 - 11p 

THE PROCTOLOGIST’S DAUGHTER (reading) By Edward Crosby Wells 
Directed by: Frank Calo 
THE PROCTOLOGIST’S DAUGHTER takes a comedic look at the film noir of the 1940s. Baroness Von Cobra is the epitome of the “dragon lady” of that particular genre. She is working for the Third Reich. Also on board are: Otto Papschmier, her ever-faithful servant; Frau Schnapps, her deviously clever housekeeper; Dick Palmer, the cool secret agent for the Allied Secret Submarine Service (ASSS) and his girlfriend, Velma Lombard the Woolworth’s saleslady and wannabe movie star Saturday 11/1 - 2p  
Sunday 11/2 - 9p

By Edward Einhorn
Presented by Untitled Theater Company #61
"Edward Einhorn combines Beckett's absurd landscape with Mac Wellman's verbal cuisinarting, and Oliver Saks' ruminations into neurodysfunctions for his oddly entertaining foray into aphasia, euphoria, and euphony." -- The Village Voice. In Strangers, a man tries to pick up a woman at a doctor's office. Again and again. In Linguish, four patients who are losing their capacity to use language try to find other ways to communicate.
Reading: Tuesday 10/28 - 6:30pm - $5