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The art work of our very own Tommy Barz will be displayed in our lobby. Wine and cheese will be served for the official showing. Sun. March 9 - 6p Free

Hosted by Ricardo Cordero and Tommy Barz

Join Spotlight On for an evening of poems, stories and tales by our best writers and entertainers. Reception follows.
Wednesday March 12 9pm - $5 reception follows


by Daniel Haben Clark

This play deals with the Roman Catholic Church and divorce. It traces the experience of Posey Malone a beautiful Irish Catholic divorcee between 1933 and 2000 A.D. The life of a divorced Catholic is always difficult because of the church's adamant refusal to allow remarriage while the ex spouse is still alive. In Posey's case the situation was aggravated by the fact that she had a Hedy Lamar face and a Jane Russell torso. This play takes Posey from young woman to elderly, sick and alcoholic. A Rosary in one hand and a Martini in the other. Did Posey catch the disease of alcoholism from her drunken bum of a husband or is the catholicity enough to drive anyone to drink?

Tues. 3/11 6p; Thurs. 3/13 9p; Sat. 3/15 8p; Sun. 3/16 3p; Mon. 3/17 9p - $15


(An evening of short funny plays)
by Rodney Reyes and Elias Stimac

Cuchipinoy Productions' first ever comedy is about a geek named Stan and the secret he keeps from his girlfriend. Oh yeah, its also about a little boy named Stanley, his two lesbian mothers, the three knights and one unforgettable time at Medieval (K)nights (an establishment in Lyndhurst, NJ which offers dining with your bare hands and entertainment in the form of Medieval Knights jousting and carousing.)

Also includes Midnight Rendevous, three short plays by Elias Stimac.  A couple unexpectedly finds themselves a foursome in Some.  A raunchy affair is expressed in baby talk in Snickerdoodle.  And a hapless suitor tries to propose to his girlfriend at a restaurant in Jack and Jill.

Wed. 3/12 7:30p; Thurs. 3/13 5:30p; Fri. 3/14 7:30p; Sat. 3/15 1p; Tues. 3/18 7:30p - $15


by J.C. Svec

It is April, 1971 and Stanley Cup Hockey has invaded Madison Square Garden. While the Rangers and Maple Leafs battle each other on and off the ice during a bizarre playoff game, a battle of the sexes has erupted across the Hudson in New Jersey at an isolated phone booth. It is obvious that the problems of three individuals do mean a lot when it comes to matters of the heart as George, Katie and Rita try to avoid the pitfalls of the proverbial love triangle. What happens to George and Rita? What happens with Rita and Katie? Whatís Katie hiding in her pocketbook. . . and whoís Rocco?

Thurs. 3/20 9p; Sat. 3/22 7:30p; Sun 3/23 4p; Thurs. 3/27 5p; Fri. 3/28 9p - $15


Directed by Glory Sims Bowen
Written by Edward Einhorn
A new take on an old legend. In 16th century Prague, Rabbi Lowe creates a man of clay (a Golem) to protect the Jewish people, but he is not the lumbering monster everyone, including the Rabbi, expects. The play examines not only the golem legend, but also a number of other old Jewish legends of the supernatural. It is both a ghost story and a love story, set in the domestic atmosphere of the Rabbi's house, while the world around is full of violence.

Sun. 3/23 10p; Mon. 3/24 5:30; Tues. 3/25 5:30; Wed. 3/26 8p; Thurs. 3/27 7p; Sat. 3/29 7p; Sun. 3/30 4p - $15


Directed by Hallie Wynn

"That's life - that's what all the people say - "You're ridin' high in April, shot down in May - "But I know I'm gonna change that tune
"When I'm back on top in June - "That's life, and as funny as it may seem - "Some people get their kicks steppin' on a dream
"But I don't let it, let it get me down - "Cause this fine old world, it keeps spinning around"
Take the spin with the Wynner's Circle Theatre Company as we explore life and love and getting shot down and riding high again.
Some laughs, some tunes, some tears Ö in short one hell of a ride!
Fri. 3/14 5:30p; Sat. 3/15 2:30; Sun. 3/16 1p; Thurs. 3/20 7p; Fri. 3/21 9p; Sat. 3/22 3:30 - $15


Various Women Playwrights

For women only and men who dare including:

Calamity Jane is vulgar and debauched and considered a freak by women and a laughing stock by men. In Louisa May Incest, Louisa May Alcott tries to lock her alter ego, Jo March, out of her study to finish Little Women. Mary Mallon speaks for herself even though the press dubbed her "Typhoid Mary." Madam Tabasco tells us how she decided to become a Madame and what followed. Eleanor Roosevelt's lesbian lover, Lorena Hickok, talks about the day they declared their love for each other. And more TBA.

Sun. 3/23 2p; Mon. 3/24 7:30p; Tues. 3/25 7:30p - $15


By Hector Lugo
Directed by Steven Thornburg

"Michael" is a new play about lifelong friends, unlikely and otherwise, who live in Hell's Kitchen. It's characters include a transsexual whose hopes and heartaches are the catalyst for her friends finding laughter, wisdom and love in the city. A romantic and sexy gay comedy with a very big humanity: transgender, identity and youth issues abound.

Wed. 3/12 5:30p; Thurs. 3/13 7p; Fri. 3/14 9p; Sat. 3/15 6p; Sun. 3/16 9p; Wed. 3/19 5:30p - $15



Coming off of their very successful evening of sketch comedy "Booooo!" presented at Spotlight On's Halloween Festival, the folks at The Mistake take another satiric look at the world around them, performing original sketches and songs covering a wide range of areas. What these are . . . well, show up and find out!

Sat. 3/15 10p; Sun. 3/16 5p; Mon. 3/17 7:30; Fri 3/21 5:30; Sat. 3/22 9:30; Wed 3/26 10p - $15


By Ted Williams

When three men visit their friend at his country home, they are surprised to find a seemingly empty house. The appearance of the friend's much younger lover and the news he bears ignite long-standing bitterness and disappointments. Through the wisdom and example of the younger man, they learn to accept their failings as their own rather than blaming a younger generation for usurping their places. THE WISDOM OF AGE explores the difficulties of love, forgiveness and responsibility as well as a generational chasm in the gay community.
Sat 3/22 5:30; Sun. 3/23 6p; Wed. 3/26 6p; Thurs 3/27 9p; Fri 3/28 7p - $15

By Ben Lizza

This full length play is a two character dark comedy chronicling the lives and marriage of Carmine and Maria. Both acts are set in a car as the couple travel to two major events: a wedding and a funeral. It illustrates how you the fact "You canít live with and you canít live without them!"

Tues. 3/25 9:15p; Sat. 3/29 3:30p; Sun. 3/30 12p - $15


By Alix Jean-Francois

From the man that brought you Heaven's South Gate and Heaven's South Gate II, a new play on dating. Cheryl Washington and Ennis Kelly are the perfect couple. They've got great careers, great homes and each other. What Ennis doesn't know is Cheryl is running their relationship using a few simple rules. Cheryl's going to show you, "How to train your man, in 21 days or less using the methods of professional dog trainers" and make Ennis cry out that "Love is Kicking my behind!"

Sun. 3/23 12p; Mon. 3/24 9:15; Sat. 3/29 9p; Sun. 3/30 2p - $15


Directed by Tony Ciccottelli

These two one acts are about family, faith and miracles. "Haiku" by Katherine Snodgrass deals with the subject of Autism up front and personal and not as a mere case number. "Haiku" is about a motherís love, one sisterís struggle with doing what is right and another sister who may have a brilliant artist trapped inside her damaged mind. "The Playground" by Andres J. Wrath involves a family on the decline, a dying daughter and a decrepit man who wanders onto the scene and transforms the decayed playground into something magical, beautiful and very, very possible.

Tues. 3/18 5:30p; Wed. 3/19 9p; Sat. 3/22 1:30p; Sun. 3/23 8p - $15


Directed by James Micali

Starring Lee Byar

A one-act musical/comedy written loosely on the career of drag performer Lee Byar. A cast of two takes the audience from the Cincinnati bedroom of a teen, who wants to be an actor, along the confused road to the stage of NYC

Sat. 3/15 4:30; Sun. 3/16 7p; Fri. 3/21 7p - $15



This will be Mr. Tabbitas' 6th benefit for Spotlight On. He is not only able to speak with "the other side" but he is very gifted at getting to the heart of the problem and helping his clients with accepting their loss. Mr. Tabbitas has the rare ability to sooth and heal with empathy, humor and some help from departed loved ones. Don't miss this special and rare event.

Sat. 3/29 5:30 - $15


by The Escapists

The show is an experimental collaboration of scenes that are created through improvisation. There is no one writer or director; the power swings back and forth and with the combination of time and all our energy the developments take place. The scenes range from Comedy to Tragedy to indefinable. There is no particular theme, although one or more may exist, it is for the audience to decide what it's all about; that is the individual scenes and the show as a whole.

Tues 3/18 9p; Wed. 3/19 7:30p; Thurs. 3/20 5:30p; Sat. 3/22 12p; Sat. 3/22 11p - $15


Starring Malcolm Gordon

Musical Accompanist - Robert Rogers

A light, bright, fun-filled evening of songs, poems, monologues from the streets, pubs and music halls of London 1860-1960.

Fri. 3/28 5p; Sat. 3/29 1:30p; Sun. 3/30 7:30p - $15


A concert with Fil Straughan - I've been downsized!!! ...now what should I do with my life? A lyrical voyage to my reason for being.

Tues. 3/11 8p - $15


Hosted by Frank Calo and Martin St. Lawrence

Join us for an evening of entertaining previews of all of the festival's upcoming events. This Frank and Martin's second outing. The first was a huge success previewing the Halloween Festival of 2002.

Mon. 3/10 8p - $5 donation



With Julie Zimmermann

If Pasty Cline were alive today, would she be a yogi?  Probably not, but this day, all Patsy fans are invited to come unite their minds, bodies, and spirits in a yogic celebration of the divine Ms. Cline's most loved tunes.  In collaboration with The Cowgirl Hall of Fame's Annual Patsy Cline Lookalike Contest, the winners of the March 17th celebration will also win admittance to this class/celebration, followed by Cowgirl's fabulous Sunday brunch..  The public, lovers of yoga and Patsy, are invited to join us for an extended vinyasa class, taught by Julie Zee, a 5 time Patsy winner, and a certified Kripalu yoga instructor. This kicks off  a series of noontime yoga classes offered in conjunction with the festival.  Come wearing loose clothing, or sweats, and to bring a sticky mat.   

Sun. 3/23 9:30am -11:15 am  -  $15

Yoga teacher Julie Zimmermann will offer a stress-busting lunchtime alternative to the mid-town lunch crunch. Come join us to practice breathing techiniques, sounding work, and a flow of asanas.  You will return to work feeling energized and refreshed. Julie is a Kripalu-certified instructor.  Come wearing loose clothing, or sweats, and to bring a sticky mat.   

Mon. 3/ 24, 12pm - 1;  Tues. 3/25  12pm - 1;  Fri. 3/28  12pm - 1 & 1pm - 2    -  $12

Written and directed by Riccardo Costa
Starring:  Marta Mondelli as Jules and Kelly Markus as Violet

Jules and Violet, best friends, sisters for life, discover an unbelievable truth: a guy. And they plan how to take revenge.

2 Special performances - after Internal Eternity on Thursday 3/20 5:30p and Saturday 3/21 at noon - Both shows $15

by Leda Grasso.

Based upon her translation from the Italian of "Incidente All' Italiana," story by Alfonso Noto  - directed by Ricardo Cordero

Sat. 3/29 11:30a - $5


A double bill including "The Sailor And The Siren"  And "Love Me Or I'll Kill You!"
by Daniel Haben Clark.

In "The Sailor And The Siren" Sinbad the Sailor and Lorelie the Siren are united by a hurricane on a New England beach. They sail off into the sunset.

In "Love Me Or I'll Kill You!" Big Bad Lula Brown and Li'l Jimbo Collins engage in a tour de force war of the sexes. Lula is loaded. In her youth she was obcene in all the right places. Jimbo is mainly notable for his knees but then as Lula observes "You don't find joints like that under every bush in the park." Lula finally provokes Jimbo into an act of cannibalism. She dies happy.

This will be the sixteenth incarnation of "Love Me" and the ninth of "Siren". "Love" was first produced at La Mama in 1966. "Sailor" at the Boston Conservatory of Music in 1972.

Friday 3/28 - 11pm


A Julie Z Jamboree
With musical performances by:
Julie Zee and the Brand New Opry Band & The Strung Out String Band
and a Gumbo full of other musical talents

Saturday 3/29 11p - $6


at La Escuelita's 301 West 39th St.
Grand Opening

Take a Mid-Week Break from your weekly stress
sketches, singers, comedians and the return of Frank Calo to sketch comedy!

Wed, April 9, 2003 - 5:30p - 2 am

Free Buffet
$20 for the entire evening
$10 drink minimum
For Tickets: spotlightonfest@aol.com