Best Full Length Production
La Fenix (Cassandra Productions) 

Best Director of a Full Length Play 
Glory Bowen - ‘tryin t’ touch the sun

Best Lighting Design 
The Bedsitter (Tribe 31)

Best Sound Design 
‘tryin t’ touch the sun (Christopher Brooks) 

Best Set Design for a Full Length Production
Golem Stories (Nicole Frankel)

Best Costume Design for a Full Length Play 
3 Guys In Drag Selling Their stuff (Frank Calo/ Anthony Valbiro 

Best Actress in a Full Length Production 
CAMERON PETERSON - ‘tryin t’ touch the sun (Melissa)

Best Actor in a Full Length Play 
MICHAEL DIGIOIA - La Fenix (Father Antonio)
ANDREW ROTHKIN - Michael Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (Michael/Micky)

Best Supporting Actress in a Full Length Play 
GRETCHEN S. HALL - ‘tryin t’ touch the sun (Mrs. Beckson)

Best Supporting Actor in A Full Length Play 
TATE ELLINGTON - Michael Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (Steve)

Best Featured Actress in a Full Length Play 
AHRUM CLAIBORNE - ‘tryin t’ touch the sun (Rita)

Best Features Actor in a Full Length Play 
MICHAEL WHITNEY - Golem Stories (Thaddeus)

Best Cameo (Male or Female) in a Full Length Play 
SONIA MORENO - The War of The Worlds (Mabel Dey)

Best Ensemble (more than 3 in cast that interact with each other) Cast for A Full Length Production 
The Insanity of Mary Girard (Actors: Klaudia Kovacs; William Greville; Jason C. Decker; Marilyn Duryea; Lora Goldman; Kathryn Alexander; John Rengstorff )

tryin t’ touch the sun (Actors: Cameron Peterson; Ray Wiederhold; Gretchen S. Hall; Deborah J. Green; Toney Briggs; Shelley Ray; Ahrum Claiborne; Tony Harry; Anita Wlody)

Best One Act Play 
Haiku from Haiku and The Playground / Dir. Anthony Ciccotelli 

Best Technical Achievement in a One-Act Play (lights, sound, costumes, set - the look of the show) 
Haiku from Haiku and The Playground (Set: Joan Slavin / living room - chairs, plants, lamps, rug, etc./ lights: Scott James warm / sound: Anthony Cocottelli - classical-like / costumes: modern (Haiku - livingroom) Costumes: Julia Lintern)

Best Evening of One Act Plays or Shorter Works
Untender ( Producer/Author: Emily Steel - Three Tales of Relationships)

Best Actor in a One-Act Play 
JACK MERLIS - The Right Kind of House from Hitchcock in The Twilight Zone (Aaron Hacker/ Grimes)

Best Actress in a One-Act Play 
MARCI OCCHINO - Haiku from Haiku and The Playground (Louise)

Best featured or supporting actor/actress in a one-act play 
DANIEL ROACH - Medieval (K)nights from Medieval (K)nights (Announcer/King)

Best Reading 
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Dir. Michael Gershowitz)

Best Performer in a Reading 
SUSAN BUCCHI - Wizard of Oz (Miss Gulch/ Wicked Witch)

Best Musical and/or Comedy Revue 
Fish and Chips (Malcolm Gordon - Songs, stories and Poem from the pubs of London 1860-1960) (Performed by Malcolm Gordon)

Best Piece or Moment from Revue or Special Event 
"And Her Mother Came Too" - Fish And Chips (Malcolm Gordon)

Best Direction (dir/ musical dir/ choreographer) Musical and/or Comedy Revue
Fear of. . . (Dir. Jen MacQueen/ Choreographers: Jen MacQueen, Melanie Furjanic, Jason Kalish, Jen MacQueen, Tripp Pettigrew, Jenn Weddel, Paige Worsham, Sara Herrera, Lynn Mancinelli) (Peyari Dance Project)

Best Performer Male in a Musical and/or Comedy Revue or Special Event
Malcolm Gordon from Fish and Chips 

Best Performer Female in a Musical and/or Comedy Revue or Special Event
Renee Flemings from Kiwi Dreams 
Faye Simpson from Trapped in Seven - Split

Best Ensemble in a Musical and/or Comedy Revue 
Fear of. . . (Peyari Dance Project) (Peyari Dance Project) (Performers: Melanie Furganic, Jen MacQueen, Lynn Mancinelli, Paige Powers, Jenn Weddel, Anissa Wiley, Paige Worsham; Sara Herrera; Brittney Jensen, Jennie Karr, Martha Madison, Tripp Pettigrew; Jenn MacQueen; 
Austin Marolla)

Best One-Person Event 
Spic Chic - Dir. Petronia Paley 

Best Performer in a One-Person Event 
Annie Hart Cool (Cooking with Typhoid Mary) from Wild and Deviant Women

Best Special Event 
Kiwi Dreams and Other Erotic Fantasies - Erotic poetry and music from Renee Flemings

Best Male Singer 
____ Knox Bundy from Old Devil Moon
____ Roger Hanson from Eden Bewitched & from Halloween Promotional

Best Singer Female 
____Teresa Fischer from Halloween Promotional

Best Original Play (long form - over 45 minutes) - Playwrights Award 
____ Susan Tammany - La Fenix 

Best Original Play (short form - under 45 minutes) - Playwrights Award
____ Sharon E. Cooper - In The Midst - from Finding Center Three 

Best Postcard/Flyer Design
Fear of. . . - Designer: Peyari Dance Project

The Ken Bachtold Award of Excellence:
Ricardo Cordero
Martin St. Lawrence

The Intern of The Year
Nathanael Reimer