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From the Desk of Frank Calo, Producer of Spotlight On Productions



I just wanted to give you an overview of our voting procedures.

Every year Spotlight On and Sage Theater company has their own "Tony" awards.  Spotlight On has 1 or 2 major festivals and several side projects and Sage Theater has 1 or 2 smaller festivals and a few side projects.  All included events are eligible for awards/nominations.  This year we spread
out even further by including projects outside of the two companies that include our core membership.  The major categories are Best Full Length Play, Best One Act Play, Best Musical/Comedy Event, Best Reading and the technical and acting achievement in all categories.  What we ask of our award voters: Each voter should see as many events as possible during the year.  After each event fill out a basic form (what you liked and disliked in each category).  Staple the program to the form and store it.  At the end of the season a booklet with all potential nominees will be presented to you.  Bring out your notes and programs to refresh your memory and vote! 

The benefits: you get to see a lot of theater!  Last year we had a musical at the Duplex Cabaret, a play and a poetry event at the Comedy Club and 4 different theaters.  All this is free to you.  All you have to do is show your "Spotlight" card at the door.  You will be e-mailed a list of events before they happen and you choose the dates that you would like to see them.  Spotlight On has parties and receptions throughout the year.  You will be invited to each of these.  You will also be able to attend our year-end awards ceremony.  Last year the awards were held at the Jan Hus Playhouse with an attendance of 180 people; entertainment, cocktails and food.

Pretty good deal!  All we ask is that you try to keep your anonymity while attending our events and be as fair as possible when voting.  Please get back to me as soon as possible with your decision.

Thank you
Frank Calo