A Gift to NYC

Pre-9/11 Play Eerily Echoes What's Happening Now

Name of play: SHADES by Paula Caplan
Monday, February 10, at 7:00 p.m.
PS 122, 150 First Avenue @ 9th St. (Astor Place  subway
station), NYC
Free and open to the public
Followed by discussion with audience
For more information, email
   or call 401 861-0962

Using the arts to help people grapple with their hopes, feelings, conflicts, and fears in a time of war.

Can people who have strong feelings about politics and patriotism can remain close to family and friends whose views are at opposite poles from theirs? Can someone protest what the government is doing and still be a good American? In what different ways do people cope with the effects of war, and how do their sex and  race affect that? Also a sensitive exploration of love in many forms.  

Reviewers have called it: "magnificent!...skill and courage at interweaving the global and intensely persnal" "compelling...low-key suspense piquing our interest as we grow curious about what the characters are withholding"

Terra Vandergaw will direct.